Red Cross Million Volunteer Run 2

February 10, 2013
5K run to Quirino Grandstand

heeeyyy it's my first time to join a fun run! and i did it because it was cheap hahaha you'll hardly get a cheap run like this (at least for 'the' runners hehe). it was fun! mainly because i'm with my friends so there's the free transpo, the laughtrips and blah. i miss those days. hayy.

hmm, the race wasn't so organized in my opinion. the worst thing was that they made the route straight and not a circuit so it's like after reaching the 5k finish line, you have to walk/run 5k back to get to your cars which are parked on the starting point. so much hassle. haha and it didn't feel like 5k too. i remember practicing for this on the treadmill and it usually takes me 1 hour to reach the 5k mark, and thats like 4.5k brisk walk + 500m run haha during the run i like walked 90% of the time and... basta... it didn't feel that far to me. haha

and also, it's so easy to join the race even without paying! just wear a red shirt or buy a singlet anywhere and  run! there were no race bibs or whatever and at the finish line it's so easy to get a certificate. seriously, i even got to ask for 3 extra copies. they were that loose. hehe

anyway, not bad for my first time though i really got a super bad headache after and it stayed until the next morning so i had to take half a day off to rest. sobrang ewan. haha >XD

oh, daniel matsunaga was there! plus a couple of super models who were only there for display. really, they're running with a super fit singlet and boxers. so infuriating. what the hell are you there for? they could've at least invited derek ramsay or drew arellano or or... uhm daniel padilla hihi ... or angel locsin or reema chanco... you know, people who actually run or at least know a sport. hay. haha

but for the fun and company, it's a very good experience! >:D

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