not really.

stupid title. can't think of any. i'm really making good progress averting myself from consuming the world wide web on an unreasonable count. it's only the first time i saw the net since this weekend... and it's already thursday. hehehe nice diba?

oh anyway. i came online to download our physics handout (and of course do my downloading and copying). thank goodness it's already out in its complete form! hehehe 66 pages of junk, woooh i can't do with just that. i need to work hard!!! it's not easy you know, i actually thought it's simpler than its prerequisite subject but i guess they're just the same, though i'm more interested with what's now because... because... it's electronics? siguro. ewan. freak.

okokok. soooo...

monday, 23rd: no classes yet. still at home. got sick. was badly reprimanded by my mom. took medicine and stuff. hopefully... yeah.

tuesday, 24th: my uncle drove us to elbi with my mom. came in to deliver the beds (folding beeeds with foams. they're kinda nice and comfy), chairs, a stool and more stuff. still sick but i came to school because i can't afford not to. not when i'm trying to build a better acad life. haha, sige maniwala ka.

wednesday, 25th: feeling better... because of the bed. :P i have tonsilitis and i still drank cold drinks, sweets... grabe. i hate myself. minsan.

and now: wala, pagod. i just finished doing my immediate homeworks (oooops! ngayon ko lang naalala, may homework pala akong di pa nagagawa. haynaku.)

so yun. gagawin ko na muna...
shempre after magdownload. haha