i need a break. i rrrreaaally need a break. a pint of coffee crumble ice cream, or cheeseburger with lots of ketchup. just something i can use to unwind. this day was particularly busy... i'm talking about work. i don't know about systems, but we don't have one. my boss isn't systematic after all, and we suffer because of it. hey, i'm just following orders. and maybe i should care less cos whatever happens, we get paid. but no, i'm not just working to get paid, i'm working to help improve the library system. LOL not really, i just want to be a good worker.

this is why we're busy: we are transitioning from manual to automated library system. we're using barcodes and computers now. we're going hitech. i know that after all this shiz, everything will be smoooooth. it's the transition stage that needs a lot of getting used to right? this is all for the better! i'm so sure of it, i just have to be more patient and diligent and put up with all the junk. then, it will become better. yey for being optimistic.

LOL i've been depressed for a week. i hereby diagnose myself with SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. but that's just an excuse, i'm usually happy when the weather is cold. i'm waiting for ice cream. >:(

ETA: there will come a time when i won't be able to hold it anymore. and on that day, i want a pint of selecta coffee crumble ice cream, and lots of homework. >:(((((

man, can i just cry??? i eat banana regularly and i still feel sad. i need a fix. this isn't about the weather anymore.

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