i still hate motorcycles

do you have any scars on your body? if so, how did you get them? -- random formspring question

that question reminded me of my greatest trauma.

one hungry night... terai, vianne (a dormmate) and i went to buy food. while walking, a speeding motorcycle passed by and hit my right arm. tapos my head also hit the driver's helmet hahaha i even said sorry to the driver cos i thought i was an obstruction to his path HAHAHA but he didn't even pause to check!!! the first thing i felt was my head, cos it was frakking painful i thought it would split. then the tricycle drivers were asking me how i was and why i said sorry and that i should report the driver to the barangay blah blah blah. i didn't get anything, my head was spinning. i couldn't hear terai and vianne either, i just wanted to buy tapsilog and saba con yelo cos i was starving. when we were at the carinderia na, vianne freaked out cos my arm was bleeding na pala. e mas masakit ulo ko kaya siguro di ko na feel. magkaganun man, i still bought food. when we were back at the dorm, i cleaned my arm, ate, and slept.

that was 3 years ago! the scar is almost gone na nga eh! but i can never forget the splitting headache it gave me! that was the worst headache i've ever had. buti na lang hindi ako tinopak. or so i thought???

ever since then, i get easily nervous when i'm on the street and there's a motorcyle coming. HAHAHAHA kaya wag kayo magreklamo kung matagal ako tumawid! pauunahin ko muna lahat ng motor para sa ikapapanatag ng aking nervous system.

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