hi pior!

pior (that's how i pronounce it, but i think it has an extra 'o' somewhere) is my new favorite instant coffee. bwahaha it's too powerful for me. the last time i downed a cup, i wasn't sleepy until 5am. @_@ and now, i need its company because of FUCKING JAVAAAAA.

btw, i'm starting to feel odd about these subjects: object oriented programming, physics, calculus AND PE!!!. woooooh. just my 'favorites'. my basis for feeling odd? i'm not topping them. and it's kinda begrudging to see people smarter than i am. but more than that, i feel... attracted? hahaha it's already too weird that i have a semi-fatal attraction to intelligent people. with glasses. ok. hmm... Herbert Bautista is too cute. ♥

wait! wait! can i rejoice? pingpong is now my new semi-favorite sport! >:D BWAHAHA

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