today was...

i know, i know. i should've gotten my good karma already but apparently this day was just, so-so. which probably means that everything that's gonna happen tomorrow onwards must be good, then better, then best. and hopefully stagnate! if i were to graph the way karma works on me, it's an everlasting V. i wish it were a square root instead, but that's just me. >:|

you know what amused me this day?
it was raining... daddy and i were about to go home from school when i noticed a small insect on top of my book. it looked like a mosquito, but a slightly bigger one, without the wings. the thing was crazy, going in circles like a dog chasing its own tail. as in! i was looking at it with a mixture of amusement and pity. i was thinking maybe the thunder scared the shit out of the poor thing so it exhibited something like a defense mechanism. that, or it just simply went bonkers. poor poor insect.

you know what, i was soooo paranoid awhile ago. i suddenly remembered that the school hasn't received my original TOR from UPLB yet. then i also realized that i have no time to follow up on it cos i'm always at school. and then! when i thought about calling them up, i got scared! i was IMAGINING dragona from the college sec. office saying that they cannot process my TOR because they discovered that i signed a contract at CEAT stating that i will finish my course there and never transfer, therefore they are withdrawing my honorable dismissal. fucking shit. and so i must return to UPLB asap and fulfill the fucking contact. perfect depressant. that's probably the worst that could happen to me. then again, i thought of a plan! instead of going back to spend a miserable decade at that stinking hell hole, i'll just enroll for a semester, ditch my subjects, and go back home and get a job. in short, I'M HAVING MYSELF KICKED OUT. voluntarily! instant breach! and if that's not enough to convince them how much i loathe the entire composition of the chemical engineering department, I'LL BURN IT. i'd rather be charged with arson. really now. o tapos, after the sem, i'll go back to FERN! yeheeey! >:) that should do!

of course i'm overreacting, overthinking, overparanoid, overover!!!!

tangina UPLB ang tagal ng TOR ko!

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