ate, pengeng ketchup

PE awhile ago was okay. i lost in badminton, but i won twice in pingpong! that's like my first wins everr. take note that none of us were really good at it. it's either i sucked, or my opponent sucked more... and vice versa (if i lost).

ice cream craving #1 fulfilled. brian finally treated me chocosundae. and terai still owes me a pint of coffee crumble ice cream, but that's gonna have to wait.

i don't know what they put in it, but mcdonald's' ketchup has an addictive factor for me. and i just realized that besides not being a fan of french fries, i love angel's cheeseburger more than mcdonald's'.

by the way, it rained hard awhile ago while when we were at the rooftop playing pingpong. i've never been this scared of rain in my entire life (and i've never felt this good at pingpong too LOL), maybe because it was too up close and we were in a highly unsafe place. everyone (referring to us girls) was panicking... including me, but mentally haha. and i thought the world was ending already, but i recalled that God said he wouldn't drown the entire humankind to death anymore, because most of us know how to swim already and he probably didn't want the next human race to be a bunch of flood survivors. kidding.

then my phone finally gave up on me. it probably got soaked in the rain (but i really think the culprit is my sweating butt). the keypads won't respond and i refuse to have it repaired cos i think it's a sign that i should get a new phone already. and i want this nokia something something, the cheapest nokia phone everrr. HAHA it's only 1,200. tomorrow, fine. dear beloved motorola e398, your 6 years of service was not put in vain. may you rest well in peace, and in my drawer too.

on another note: he read my drawings. saw. read. whatever. and i wanted to hide, because i basically exposed my emo side to him. and he was curious. what do i do? lie? maybe i can tell him the truth. maybe i could share that part of me with him. maybe i can trust him? he seems like a good guy. and i'm such an emo girl at the moment, it's disgusting me.

on yet another note: the wait is over. this day was quite liberating. goodbye stupid love. i dedicate this quote for you: "i never stopped loving you, i only stopped showing it." but eventually i'll stop loving you. i'll just have to wait. to love in silence is such an uncool tragedy, but i gathered it will be more tragic if it were public so nevermind. human nature says we must spare ourselves of unnecessary pain. and that's what i'm gonna do, plus learn more adjectives.

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