-- why do i feel like something fishy is brewing? don't leave me out! i'm so fucking curious. you dropped the hint mehn, you dropped it and the suspense is killing me. what is it that you need to confirm? may something ba? slow ako e. anyway, that's all under the working assumption that nothing's going on and that it's all going to waste. tamang hypothesis lang. e bakit ba. nagtatrabaho ako ng maayos a. 

-- BWISET. my future with calculus (along with my being a scholar next term) is becoming a big blur. i passed the 2nd quiz but it's too fucking LOW. pota PASANG AWA. ampota talaga. and because it was such a hard thing to accept, plus my abdomen is killing me, i had to take a tranquilizer in the form of ICE BREAKER. haay

-- i just loaded 500 worth of immortal text and my free call minutes have already been consumed! huwew. buti na lang pala nagload ako!!! 

-- issues. i never liked taking sides, i always avoid arguments. I'M SO TORN. i can imagine myself in that position and not worry about it, because it's me. i know i can handle it, at alam kong walang aangal. pero pano sila? what can i say to assure them that it's going to be okay eventually? that duty and friendship are two things that cannot be compromised? teka wait. actually magulo ngayon. nakakalungkot. hmm... let me think. 

-- you can't say being plastic is being untrue to yourself. what if it's your natural tendency when faced with unlikeable people? saves you from the unnecessary arguments right? being one doesn't make you entirely bad, in fact, by being such you are giving the person the chance to change your badly clouded opinion of him/her in the long run. 

-- hindi ko talaga alam. ano bang nakikita nyo na hindi ko nakikita? bulag ba ako, o judgmental lang kayo? wala eh. wala talaga akong nakikitang masama. kaya ayoko magsalita. kasi kaibigan ko kayong lahat. haynako Lord, i remember praying for this before. and you answered it na thank you so much! pero may kulang parin pala HAHA 

-- terai poured out to me yesterday. so isa nanaman akong ultramega shock absorber kagabi! i was such a chore trying to calm her nerves down. fuck we're at mcdo dahlia, i should've brought her somewhere noisy to drown her inexorably scandalous tendencies! nakakahiya kaya. i was planning on sleeping early pa naman. paguwi ko parang ambigat. parang nadala ko lahat ng sumpa at hinanakit nya. parang sinumpa nya ko. ang sarap nya talagang batukan. grabe terai, SAME MISTAKES. tanga ka ba. then my bestfriend called, gumaan in fairness koya! andami kong tawa eh. salamat, it really helped. timing e. 

-- eto talaga promise. NO ICE BREAKER indefinitely. bwiset.

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