long night ahead

may mga bagay na kahit gusto mo, kailangan mong bitiwan
may mga taong kahit napapasaya ka, kailangan iwasan
my mga desisyong dapat gawin kahit napipilitan
at may mga pagkakataon na kapag ginawa mo ang tama, ikaw din ang mahihirapan
dahil may mga bagay na pag pinagpilitan, sa huli ikaw din ang masasaktan

- author unknown. GM ni jot >:)

oh yes, i have the license to be emo for the entire meantime that i have no majorcrush. quite ironic, but the thing is, if i have no majorcrush, all i ever think about is my stupid love, and thinking about my stupid love makes me feel emo and heartbroken and everything else except suicidal. lol. so yeah, i need a diversion. grrrr

whew. long night ahead. i have like, 500 charge slips to encode, and still a lot of papers to check, plus 2 articles to write!!! i'm not sleeping anytime soon. expect me to be awake til past 12mn. i had enough pearl milk tea to last me till the wee hours of the morning so i'm pretty awaaaake! yeheeeey! feel free to bother me. or not.

daddy looks good in a black jacket. i told you guys, i have a newfound fetish for such. and i always tell him to wear glasses too. i love you daddy. HAHAHA i love jackets

time to work

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