what a day

first thing in the morning we had a quiz at discrete math, followed by the ICON general assembly. we were supposed to hold the election today but it was POSTPONED because of a lot of freaking issues. i don't know, it was a totally uncool day. supposedly, the remaining partylists should present themselves, have a short debate and finally leave their futures at our mercy. but no, instead of a debate between the candidates, it was the body who argued among themselves. including me, cos i just had to voice out my opinion.***

and now, because it seemed like no one is qualified enough to run for position, we deemed it proper to amend the election code JUST so we could have candidates.

there is something seriously wrong with the entire ICON constitution, and it must be amended ASAP. there are too many loopholes and weakly established articles. if we continue to abide by a law that remained unamended for 6 years and nobody agrees upon, this organization is going down.

i hate to compare, but we don't have problems like this in my previous org.

candidates, be strong! this isn't anything like a national election but you have to expect the same. don't let your emotions overtake you, for God's sake.


i have a super bad headache right now, and i remember this came from orienting 2 classes awhile ago about the library. it was impromptu, but thank God's there's a powerpoint presentation to follow. it was pretty easy talking to first years, compared to when i stepped down at the AVR awhile ago to voice out my opinion, my knees were shaking. hahaha


oh yehey! new phone, nokia 1202! i told you it's the cheapest LOL fine, i downgraded and it's because i don't anymore see the need for fancy phones. haha
*** - it seemed like i had a lot of supporters awhile ago. the avr cheered for me when i came down. and cheered more when i delivered my speech. i felt like a cool kid. >8D

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