// work: i was assigned to create 2 articles, plus encode thesis materials onto the OPAC. i dunno, encoding thesis details gives me a headache, specially when it comes to typing their abstracts. i don't mean to belittle our dear alums but most of their english are wrong. almost none of them got the drift of what an ABSTRACT really is. it's disappointing. it made me want to not include their abstracts in the database if i'm just going to type, you know, wrong stuff. i mean, i'm not good at english or anything but i should know when something sounds grammatically incorrect. hay

// currently checking my dad's students' exercises on physics. this is hard work. i'll tell him not to give uber long exercises anymore, cos my weekend is going to perish.

// again, it doesn't feel like saturday. and i presume i'm not going to feel it for the rest of the trimester. good thing it's a holiday on monday. bad thing = no work = no pay.

// my favorite people in the world are those i can stay with (as in just the two of us) without being awkward at all.  i also love people whom i can laugh intolerably with, the kind that really makes me catch my breath. hahaha that's why i miss my housemates so much. they always get what i mean, no matter how much i'm not making sense. and they always laugh with me. if it's not because of what i'm laughing about, it's because of my laughing... alone. hahaha ♥ ♥ ♥

// i never considered myself weird because i think it's an overstatement. let's just say that i think a lot of ridiculous things, to some it may seem weird, but for me that's creativity! and imagination! plus... everyone thinks they're weird like it's some sort of an attractive feature. say that again once you've met someone genuinely weird, cos i have, and i didn't like it.

i don't like weird people.

// walked at MV3 with RA awhile ago. i missed walking there. right now, i only get to walk there twice a week. monday and saturday afternoon. it was a freaking funny walk. what's really weird with me is that i have a harder time avoiding smaller objects than bigger ones. like, i can calmly avoid a car but not a motorcycle or a bike, or a freaking person. dead frogs on the road startle me big time (who wouldn't be?). what's good is that i'm not worrying of tricylce #565 (i think) being at the end of the road anymore hahaha

// JM looks stunning in a black jacket. fine, every guy would probably look better in my eyes if he wears a black jacket (and when i mention such, it automatically exempts hoodies and cotton)... and glasses. i was imagining JM with both and i just heaved a sigh. forgive me, for JM is the closest i have to a majorcrush right now so i can't stop talking about him.

// Lord, give me a majorcrush!

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