i have snake skin on my notebook >8D

last saturday, jec showed me this long white strip of what seemed like garlic peels, until he said it's snake skin he found lying at the school grounds that same day HAHAHAHA yikes. daddy told me old snakes peel off of their  skins to make way for the development of a new one. hehehehe e wala lang! weird! >:)

i am so fucking tired! i wanna sleep na like crazy or else i'm gonna get sick soon! i'm depressed over our objprog class because i seriously suck at java. java is like my hatest programming language. and i'm not getting good grades over it. seriously! add calculus and i'm doomed to be dropped from the partial scholars list. nakakadepress ampota.

walked at mv3 with jerome. it's weird cos he's so different now compared to the last time (and also the first time) i saw him. parang ang seryoso nya ngayon. ang hirap talaga ng umiibig, no pre? hahaha

kaaay. homework muna tapos tulog na ko yey!!!!

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