i woke up in a foul mood I DON'T KNOW WHY, but eventually i realized i have no reason to feel glum cos i just woke up from my most coveted siesta (teacher was absent. went home early). i dreamt of checking in at a cheap hotel, and the one who attended me was a janitress at school. e naman eh. haha excited much for july 1? >BD haha

will i regret this later? i accepted the job. i am now the script-editor of LMA, only for this particular production though. i refuse to be given the title scriptwriter, it entails too much responsibility and mastery of the craft. anyway, he's still convincing me to be scriptwriter but quite honestly, the reason why i don't wanna get involved in it is that i'm so not confident with my writing skills. what has blogging got to do with scriptwriting anyway? i don't even do dialogs. O_O; maybe i can be assistant scriptwriter instead.

now you know my problem, i can't lead.

this was a funny pic:

pero hindi rin! maraming ngang bf/gf material dyan, pero hanggang dun lang! HINDI FOR KEEPS. whew

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