i borrowed Twisted by Jessica Zafra from the library... i was actually looking for The 500 people you meet in hell cos i ran over it at the OPAC but i couldn't find it, so instead i just took another of her accounts... one of her firsts i guess? i haven't finished the book, but it's a compilation of her daily broadsheet columns way way back (the book is old.. 1995, i guess). it's pretty cool, it's like a blog and i love her humor. >:) go you!

by the way, i'm currently at fitness first sm north, waiting for my parents to text me so we can go home. they're at church for the homebuilders ministry (equivalent to couples for christ) and i'm here... to shop for the things i need, specifically bathroom stuff. i was only supposed to buy lotion and conditioner... but i ended up going past a thousand bucks cos i threw in a couple more items at the basket. really, it's one thing to be shopping without my parents, i get to pay for everything. now i'm semi broke. hahaha

haaaay grabe i suddenly feel depressed. may mangyayari sigurong ayoko. >:(

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