why do i feel like we're growing closer everyday... or at least, every time we see each other? haha. hahaha. WAHAHAHAHAHAHA wooooh grabe. library work is becoming tedious, i just don't run out of things to do. she makes me type stuff, i'm not even halfway and she asks me to do another, i pause to finish something and she reminds me to do the other thing first. what do you want me to do exactly maaaam??? anyway, hindi naman ako nagrereklamo. yun nga lang, ang gulo nya mag-utos!

darnnnniiit, i hate losing RFs. it fckn drives me crazy. you see, we're collecting students' IDs and RFs for barcoding... and sometimes in the process of having a RF signed, it gets lost, and it's stressful when we can't give it back to the students cos it's fckn missing. that's 250 pesos per reprint. haaaay buhay. i'm on duty tomorrow morning and I MUST (hopefully) accomplish these 2 things: edit 763 accession numbers at the OPAC + request papers.

seriously, i just want to put stickers on books. >:(

his poem. honestly, i've read it a couple of times already waaaay back even before he asked me to read it. he seems proud of his work but honestly, i don't get it. O_O; and i don't know how to tell it to him. the structure is messy, and i don't see the underlying theme. i'm sorry but, i'm a reader and i know when a poem is deep. his isn't, it's just... a plethora of words. oh my God, i'm so sorry. i'm sure he's gonna ask me if i read it, lol anong sasabihin ko? nice one? naaah, i'll just go tell him hindi ko nagets! na nalunod ako? no really, it's magulo. hahaha sorry na? i'm not a poet but i know grammar... at least. @_@; sorry.

they want me to run for position. and they're wooing me like i'm their only hope. i don't think so! for one thing,  i don't like the party? not really, i just don't appreciate their platforms, and if i run for them it means i have to stand by something i'm faithless on. i cannot defend them that way. do i want to run? NO. i actually thought about it, i'm not going to win anyway so there's nothing to lose, i can just run to show erni support but that's so against my principles (i kinda have that too, apparently haha). i'm only running when i'm ready to serve. i ain't doing anything for the wrong reasons.

thing is, erni has plans for me and he said he wants to work with me. you know what caught me? he said, if i'm going to design a shirt for the org, i'll get an incentive per tshirt sold. that's really cool, but honestly that'll sound better if they'll take me as an independent artist and not as an officer, cos then it'll sound selfish of me. parang, why not do it for the org na lang? in short, why not do it for free? odba, therefore, kung usapang pera din lang naman... i don't need to be an officer to market my skills. hahaha

so yeah, i'm not running. hehehe

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