usapang destiny

yaman din lamang na nakiki-epal ako sa mga status ng mga tao.

there are statuses i just want to butt in and leave a comment to but i'm being hindered with thoughts like: we're not even close or nakakahiya naman. either way, you're in my friends list so... what's wrong? it's not like we're complete strangers or whatever. eh. nakakahiya parin.

anyway. do you believe in destiny?

i have no certain stand on this. i'm pretty much indifferent cos i guess whether or not you believe in it, it's all the same. you're on your own to an uncertain future. and whether or not your future is a product of destiny or your assumed free will, whatever happens.. happens. so much for an opinion LOL. eto lang, i don't think free will is the opposite of destiny. just because you yield to destiny means you're not exercising your free will. the same applies otherwise. haha ewan.

why do i always sleep late. >:|

for some KNOWN reason, i've been terribly distracted from work. i'm missing out on the important duties i have to perform... like following up the quotations at the office (gaaah. i hate getting quotes from suppliers. they almost always never reply), planning for ICON, figuring out WHEN to review for my quizzes, and convincing myself to get real probably have a break or indulge in something new. different. ewan.

i'll be out for 4 days starting on the 3rd! i wish it could be considered a semi vacay BUT NO. i'm afraid i have to take my books with me to iloilo. after this week, i am definitely hell bound. sometimes i wanna cut off the internet for real cos it's SO NOT HELPING ME.

and. and. the absence of a freaking Filipiniana GOWN is stressing me out. i saw some lady barong at the department store and thought it would do with some decent slacks but when i asked monica what she's gonna wear she said she's wearing the filipiniana GOWN she wore during the AOG. what the. i wasn't keying for something that formal. what the fudge. >:| asdagsdfsbjkgfshdnsada

i want to take the day off just to shop. seriously. ang hirap hirap hirap hirap pala maghanda ng isusuot. dang. owell, what's shopping when you don't have kacheeeeng >:(

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