dark ages

ubusan ng tissue. sipon. iyak. grades. >:'''((((((( all my midterms suck. seriously. sarap magdrop!

then i'm also soooo out of the Harry Potter fandom, one day i'm going buy DVD rips of HP7 parts 1 and 2 and do a marathon (from HP1) here in the my room, with projector and lots of wasabi pop corn.

then i'm going to buy the entire 1-7 collection. and probably let it sit forever in my desk lol.

i'm also getting worried about my frequent memory lapses. i just received a text message, read it, and browsed the net for a few minutes, then i recalled 'hey someone just texted me', then i went to check my phone and realized that i've already read the thing a few minutes ago.

there are things i'm so accustomed to doing already that i end up forgetting them, how do i explain this ba. it's like setting the alarm before going to sleep. it's so automatic for me that sometimes in the middle of my sleep, i wake up and think if i've already set the alarm then marerealize ko naka-set na pala kanina pa. it's the daily stuff i do without so much thinking that usually slips through my memory. kasi there are things i do that doesn't require memory at all, like yung alarm nga and the matic things, not much neurons wasted in there. so feeling ko because it doesn't require too much thinking, it doesn't get etched in my brain, so it slips away. ganun. ewan. i'm worried HAHA.

eto pa, i usually forget if i've already locked the doors and turned off the lights. or pulled out the electric plugs and all. mga ganong bagay. nabasa ko to e, me ganito talaga e. at alam ko normal lang yun! HAHAHA

okay thesis mode! >:D

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