Day 27 - A problem that you have had

how cool is this, i was looking for him all over facebook a month back and just earlier, he made me realize that we've been friends all along, and that he was the one who added me first because... i don't remember. he just told me he searched me up and added me cos he saw my name somewhere as some kindofan officer somewhere i don't remember. he resembles my best friend so much, physically. >:) this night was pretty cool. i was like, seriously we're fb friends?! and i accepted you?! who are you?! weow. >XD

uhm. okay. quite honestly, i don't feel comfortable blogging here anymore but i've grown so fond of this place and look, LOL, i have a pagerank of 1. it's so hard to rank nowadays you know! and i was wondering where most of my visitors came from so i checked my stats and saw quite an awful lot of chuck bartowski searches. hey guess what, search it up on google and see the "images for chuck bartowski" part on the web search page. the first pic directs to my blog. how cool is that. seriously. haha

another high ranking search is "how to turn off chat on facebook 2011". just LOL. i wish i could monetize this traffic. traffic is still traffic. no matter how small it is. haha

oh hi, where is my sense of urgency. >XO
all my midterms still suck but i'm working on it. why must this trimester be exponentially harder?!

my boss prompted me to this children's story writing contest. i'll look into it but srsly, hahaha. i'll also TRY to write something for that peace essay writing chorva. i joined and failed last year, so i wanna try again! bwaha. 

yesterday, the shanghai siomai girl from the food court was like this to terai, 
ss girl: parang kilala kita
terai: >8|
ss girl: ikaw yung nahablotan ng bag sa jeep noon
terai: >8O
ss girl: grabi yun! dun ako dapat uupo sa pwetan ng jeep e. grabe talaga takot ko nun. dahil dun natuto ako, hindi na ako umuupo sa pwetan. delikado na. 
terai: >XD hehe

galeng diba! how cool is it to be recognized like a celebrity! LOL di nga, at least someone learned from terai's mischief! odiba, galeng nung coincidence. haha

and now to a problem i've had:

by 'had' it must be imperative of something that has already been solved. 

uhm. problem. masyadong marami i dunno where to start. i think my greatest problems haven't been solved yet, i'm still facing them kasi hahaha. ewan. problema. ano ba. pera? ah yeah, the one with my good friend! it was a problem. and it was solved. friendship issues! it strengthens the bond i guess! i mean, after the dispute, everything was much better. super. ayun. that's it. 

btw, i feel sad that i can't open up to just anyone about my worries because. because. i don't know where their loyalty lies. have you ever felt like you were so keen on pouring everything out but you just can't cause the people around you don't seem interested enough in what you have to say or that they have a tendency to report it to someone else urgh and you feel friendless and lonely and crap. like no one's on your side and everyone's spying on you. jusme a. lalo na kung hindi naman tungkol dun sa gusto nila malaman yung ikkwento mo and in fact, makaka-spoil pa dun sa gusto nilang malaman. hay. nakakalungkot kaya yung excited ka magkwento pero parang hindi naman interesado yung tao so okay, nevermind na lang. chaka lamo yung, conscious ka na rin sa mga kinikwento mo kasi hindi mo alam kung pano nila ii-interpret yun baka isipin, nanggugulo ka nanaman or nagpapa-pansin or nagpapa-ekek porket alam mong si ganto ay ganto at yung kwento mo e masyadong ganto. sus. 

nowadays, it's so friggin hard to get someone to listen to you with all ears and no bias and who wouldn't think you're all about yourself and crap. oh come on.

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