Day 24 - Your favorite movie and what it's about


why do i feel like i work so slow? and that there aren't a lot of things to do. nubayan. the perks of being in such a  cooperative team. yehey! >:D anyway, after the GA, we have to work on the outreach and sponsors. and the tutorial thing. ayun. madami palang gagawin LOL. >:D

but for now, let me continue watching Vampire Knight! i'm on season 2, Guilty! >XD

vampires are such... romantic people! at least in fiction haha

my favorite movie? i seriously can't pick just one even though i'm not a movie person. i'm a fan of romance/tragedy! anything that touches my heart and makes me cry (not out of fear ha) is a good watch for me, i cry easily anyway. wahaha i've cried over AI, Bicentennial Man, City of Angels, Tuck Everlasting, Jane Austen, Wall-E, Click and blah. there's a lot LOL. oh i also like chick flicks! basta nakakakilig wahaha i dunno what my favorite movie is, but i have a major preference for anything Jackie Chan too. plus loads of tear jerkers. >:D

good night! tomorrow better be good!

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