Day 29 - Goals for the next 30 days

My ultimate goal is to do well in ICON week and give just requital to my grades who just took a nosedive to hell.

sometimes i wonder if all of this happened because of too much curiosity and crap. sometimes i regret ever screwing with the timing, the plans and everything. Lord, what do you say in all of this? cos seriously, it's taking up a lot of my brain. >XO i don't usually worry about things like this because the lack of formality gives me literally no reason to assume further, and besides, they say i'm kinda dense and won't take an action for a hint. it was cool until 20 years later.

another thing.
i'm sleepy and i'm having a hard time accepting that there is in fact loads of work for me to do. tons of photoshopping and reading and writing and reviewing. blah.

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