sana walang pasok bukas

because seriously we haven't done anything with our thesis yet. it's the ultimate lazy time for me. HAHA and it was so funny how i was crying so hard awhile ago at the thought of someone's death, i was like omgehhh i couldn't possibly take it if you died now! *sobs crazily* i knew it was a bad idea to buy 125 worth of ice cream the other day, see i had colds and i was wheezing the entire day. sakit sa ilong grabe. i'm excited to leave next week! yehey! kaso wala nanaman akong damit! LOL. and i have this feeling that the school probably thinks it's a bad idea to send someone like me there. but they have no choice cos i'm probably in the right position to. di nga, i suck in physical representation HAHA siguro they're thinking i wouldn't even try to cake myself a bit cos i hardly do so at school. wala lang. maeffort magpaganda. >:| pero kelangan, school representation eh. >XO haynako, if i could only fix my myself the way other girls do DAILY, i would. seriously! but that would be such a daily struggle. bakit ba kasi ngayon ko lang naappreciate yung mga ganto. >:|

and wait. grabe lang. i realized i'll be missing SO FREAKING MUCH on the 4 days i'm gone. it's freaking Quiz 2 week! >XO haaay Lord. jusme.

good night! i have to sleep na! first time (in a long time) i'm sleeping no later than 12am! >:D

PS: Lord. i'm not asking for ondoy, just something strong enough to suspend our classes tomorrow please! thank you, i love You! >:D

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