hey that was terribly awkward

i really want to ask what's happening but that's beyond my usual happy curiosity. in short, i don't think i want to know. uhm, that actually makes me the feeler here. refusing to inquire because i'm testing my own list of assumptions. anyhow, i haven't been faring well in my academic duties, you see the org has been eating up a lot of my brain, and it refuses to do some decent reallocation. i really need to study. thesis is killing my hopes. i'm so worried my grades are gonna take a nosedive this year and that's crucial. damn crucial.

i'm gravely scatterbrained, the things i do aren't linked in my memory. they aren't neatly clustered. i forget a lot and i'm wondering if my high school friend really has lupus cos it saddens me like hell. >:| my notebook is a mess, and no matter how hard i try, planners don't work for me. btw, my parents are back! >:D

tomorrow has to be good. there's a heck lot of designing, writing, and memorizing to do. i wish i could produce clones for each of these roles. haha

dear Lord, i have so much to say about this weird sdjfhshhadfsndhasndhsfjsfmffa. tomorrow, okay.

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