someone cut me some slack

nothing productive for this day. as in nadaaaaa.

i'm afraid that if we make up we'd jive so much and i would be in total agreement with your relationship. i don't want to. even though i know there's a big chance of us being friends. i just don't want to. so maybe i'll just keep hating you like this. we could be "frienemies" (friend+enemy whatev) okay but really. no way. it's a risk you have to take if you let me in your lives, seriously. i'll break you. i'll be bolder this time cos i've let it all out. i'm not gonna let you win... further. so yeah, just allow me to hate you like this if you're not open to complications.

of course i'm just joking. lol.

okay. but seriously speaking. there's a brewing courage in me that wants to fight and lose. just for the heck of it. it was too late when i realized that. quotable quote is true, you only realize someone's worth when they're gone. true enough. so maybe i'll just cherish what's still here.

good night.

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