How reliable are our government offices when it comes to CLASS SUSPENSION?

everyone's pretty much up and awake tonight, waiting for further announcements on whether there's gonna be college classes tomorrow or not. as per rumors, CHED has allegedly announced that classes will be suspended on July 27 due to floods and continuous rain brought by typhoon Juaning. HOWEVER, some DOST_PAGASA facebook account says that, "CHED has devolved the authority to finally decide on class suspension of the tertiary level to the concerned Higher Education Institution Officials." IN SHORT, CHED no longer decides for colleges and universities when it comes to class suspension. it's all up to the heads, the deans, or the presidents of the schools. and YET, they have a so called protocol which "recommends" the suspension of classes to affected areas. which is more powerful? where do we turn to?

okay. so much bullcrap. after aaaaaall the time we've wasted waiting for their announcement, they go tell us to ask your school heads instead. woa, really. it's abandonment at its worst. this is so much like how PAGASA dropped weather forecasting and called it weather "reviewing" alternatively. apparently, their forecasts were all too shameful to be even considered as such. either way, the announcement just came in. regular classes tomorrow. owell, gotta sleep.

good night!

PS: another news came in, this time from the oh so reliable government, NO CLASSES DAW. ok, kanino ba kami sa susunod? sa dean o senyo? >XO

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