pancakes and syrup

classes were suspended earlier. that's -600 pesos already from my salary! what's wrong with the world today. around 2am earlier i felt an earthquake, srsly! >XO then greenwich called about an affiliation problem and i'm like, seriously? fudge nowayyyy. things are pretty uncool at school i dunno. there are times when you just want to get out of your circle and explore. not much of that luxury i guess. LOL. this suspension is not exactly the break i needed, i want to work. crap. and just earlier i got another curious ear, and he was like hey i've been hearing stuff about you, go spill. course i said it was nothing but come on, there's too much drama involved. later he's like how can you be so blahblah to me when i told every blahblah to you. unfair. so there, guilt trippin and yet another person in the know. >:| i want another box of that pizza margarita please. and coffee crumble. and siomai. >X| or zagu pearl milk tea. i am so freaking hungry. >:O i was in the middle of installing craploads of hacker stuff but then i thought, hey i've learned enough already. i don't need to know more. the more i know, the more i suffer. and hey, i just realized i could get into my friends' computers remotely just by chatting with them. why do i have this unusual appetite for secrets. hahahaha i could just ask them. i think. or not. okay, not.

one another note, i wish was more "literarily" gifted. haha
hopefully things will be better tomorrow.

kain muna! >:D

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