everyday it annoys me how people are so full of themselves like the world revolves around them in utter fancy. >:| it's nerve ticking, to think that these people are just a speck of dust in our massive universe who happened to have gathered an overflowing amount of self worth. it's frakking annoying but there are things you just have to live with not because you're trying to be kind or that you have no power to subdue such irritating forces BUT because no matter how much their presence is a whip of bad karma to you, they are essential tools for survival. you need them, parasitically, you feed off from them.

i always wonder how much of the real world these people have seen for them to consider their issues to be that big. i cannot empathize genuinely because honestly, i don't see a problem. i don't see an issue big enough to gather fake onlookers. i don't understand why people complicate things, why people think something more than what they see, why people assume hastily and cast prejudiced verdicts. two things, either i'm being bitter or i haven't reached that level of maturity characterized by extreme tolerance to overflowing egos.


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