Day 26 - What kind of person attracts you

more than looks, i'm more concerned with maturity, intelligence and sense of humor. someone who acts older, who's smarter, more reliable and is genuinely Christian. someone who reads, writes, draws, whatever. someone inclined to arts and philosophy. there's so much to talk about life and blah and i appreciate wisdom a lot. hello ideal guy! bwahaha someone sensible, aaaaand someone i can be childish around with. nakakasawa rin mag ate-atehan ah, that's why i love daddy and terai so much because they spoil me! joke. no, actually i just want to feel secured. iba yung may nasasandalan ka pag may problema e. yung talagang malalapitan mo with full comfort and no ilangness, yung di ka mahihiyang istorbohin parang si terai. aw, when it all comes down to it, i bet i never really had anyone like my sister. sabi ni terai sakin dati, gusto nya yung magiging boyfriend nya katulad ko kasi baliktad kami e, ako daw yung parang ate (until she started earning and the tables were returned in place lol). ako naman, ayoko ng boyfriend na katulad nya! wahaha sama ng ugali! gusto ko yung katulad ko (and more!), at kung gusto nya rin ng katulad ko sabi ko mag-aaway tayo nyan! pareho tayo ng type! no waaayyyy. bwaha

waha lumabo bigla.
actually, i'm sleeping soon and hoping that God is listening and working on my immediate prayers! thank you Lord for Wendy's yehey they gave me salad and super large iced tea, i'm starting to love the place hahaha! >:D I'm looking forward to a successful year! and please please please THESIS. >:S ayokonaaaaaaa

sabi sa horoscope ko ngayon, maging busy daw ako at maraming kukuha ng atensyon ko. natumpak ng Philippine Star.

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