pizza date!

it's my sister's rest day, so we went on with the usual date! who cares about SONA (joke, i do), we're hungry. hehe

and we found this, El Bonito's Pizza
El Bonito's, St. Francis Square, Ortigas
Biiiiiig slices for 25 each

i dunno with you guys,  but it this cheap and cool. tamang pantawid gutom lang! those are really big slices for 25 each. and even though it's more bread than flavor, it'll do. i mean, if you're really hungry, lakas makabusog neto bwhahaha. i don't see a lot of this around... i only know the one at SM North jeepney terminal and the one there at St. Francis. other pizza stores would sell 2 for 52 or something, it's almost the same but heeeyy this one's super angat sa size! they sell a box for 200, that's 8 slices or 1 tray of what you see up there. ayun. try it! >:D

next, Papa John's Pizza Margarita

no meat, just cheese, tomatoes and herbs (i smell thyme!). this one's my super favorite pizza so far! sarap e. pero mahal haha, 9inches @ 280. i hate spicy food but hot sauce on pizza is an exception! >:D

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