WOW. there exists a Philippine Memory Team????

i wanted to be part of any Philippine team but thought that my athletic skills are below average. i can swim but i can't race LOL and although our PE teacher encouraged us (me and my group cos we won in our mini compet) to train for varsity 10 lbs ago, i discarded the thought because i thought they only accept fast swimmers. and i was never one. i totally missed the 'training' part. which i sorely regret. i could've been faster. i could've been part of a team! i've always wanted to be part of a team. >___<; that's my super frustration in life.

however, this Philippine Memory Team intrigued me to the core. i've always known about the detrimental effects of ageing with an inactive mind ie. dying of alzheimer's, which is why i try to read as much as i could to prevent thy precious neurons from hibernating, or worse, deteriorating (cos i read somewhere that neurons cannot be replenished. and it fucking scared me). it's the least i can do to make my brain work. recently i haven't been engaging myself in any proactive mental activities aside from school (which bores me sometimes) so i'm pretty much, errr, bored. mentally. if you exclude the amount of brain i use for cyber-stalking my crushes and voodoo cursing their bitches (mentally)... yeah, my mind is somewhat unoccupied.

i want to be mentally active. i really do. ever since i learned about this visualization-association and phonetics techniques, memorization doesn't scare me as much. i want to learn moooorrreee!

are there FREE workshops on this?!?!?

so you know, i kinda researched on the team and found myself subscribing to this world memory competition thingy. when i got the confirmation email, i swear i felt dejavu-ed! i've dreamt about this email, about this world memory thing.... so i thought, how nice. i'm destined to find this website after all.

which sort of solidifies my err theory that those dreams you've forgotten upon waking up are most likely to take place. because that's what usually happens to me. i remember the dream when it's taking place, or have already taken place (but never beforehand. woa. imagine that). hence the feeling of dejavu (ie. me saying, "hey i've dreamt about this!"). sticking with this notion means my nightmares aren't going to happen, as well as those too-good-to-be-true (ie. me flying on a broomstick) stuff like JM finally confessing his love for me (which isn't a dream but rather an illusion LOL) simply because I REMEMBER.

note to self (and to anyone interested): Brain Games!

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