privacy ekek

HAHAHA in relation to my "theory" that google could actually be an emerging antichrist, i suddenly became wary of the amount of information about me present in the web. they could use it for something like an operation neopersecution when the "time" comes. hehe. i did some pretty silly vanity search and found out that any one who could use google can come to my place and burn it (not a suggestion).

anyhow. i couldn't possibly minimize my presence in the web. it's pretty much like my 3rd home or something, assuming that i consider school my 2nd urgh. my only personal and public account is my blog, which i realized, contains damn too much cyber-criminal-friendly information (not a suggestion). all my other public accounts are either under aliases or considered 'safe' (uber understatement of the day) so i guess that leaves me with just one domain to purge. my blog.

wait a minute. my silbi naman tong blog na to...

case 1: doctor wanted to know when i started having terrible chest pain. because i remember complaining about it in my blog, i looked it up and found out the exact date, time, and even the circumstance i.e. every cold season and after swimming.

case 2: the company doesn't have any record of me accomplishing their training seminar week. i looked into my blog and found out: the week date, time, trainers, venue, co-trainee (with pic), activities, plus photographs from the art exhibit we passed by on the mall the same week, also sent them links and stuff. i don't think it's enough proof. but i never want to repeat that week again. -__-; i'm quite worried though, cos the link i sent them contains a short stalking feed about one of their trainers. kasi crush ko e. nye

eh. yoko na. antok na ko. aral mode.

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