utter negligence >:[

i dunno how i'm going to pull this off. i have 3 quizzes tomorrow and i only got, like, 6-- hours to study for all of them. anyway, that's not gonna stop me from blogging. see i kindof brought back Live Junk out of the grave cos i don't feel tikwasin anymore LOL and people actually read it as tikwa-sin which means to trip something over... kindof. haha that's not the operational meaning of the title so to hell with it. >:\

hmm. i had a quick power nap awhile ago and woke up friggin alarmed cos is already dark and i still have to study tons of junk. i walked groggily to the counter downstairs to have some coffee but the box is freakin empty. nakaka-stress sobra. where's coffee when you need it? it's a staple for me so i can't run out of it.

my favorites:
3. jimm's 7-in-1 instant coffee. pinaka accessible. hindi matapang pero malakas. >:D
2. pior (previously gano coffee). we order this from our neighbor and i like it better than jimm's. >:) matapang. malakas. masaya! >:D >:D >:D
1. organo mocha. direct sales, hirap orderin. >:| parang pior. parang langit. abot langit din ang presyo amp. haha

ayoko ng:
any variant of nescafe 3-in-1. kadiri yung pait nya, parang gamot yak. errr

sige po Lord, mag-aaral na po ako. good morning! >:D

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