i feel like i'm back in highschool, flailing over anime! >XD you have to blame usui takumi of kaichou wa maid-sama. >XD >XD >XD he's too perfect. argh. i wish i could marry someone like him. ♥ ♥ ♥

anyway. i keep on procrastinating on this writing assignment and it sucks cos i don't feel alarmed at all. every time i think that the topic is too easy, i pass it for another day. and another, and another... till i find myself way behind schedule and mentally drafting  an "excuse" letter for my boss. >XD argh. apparently, ang hirap pala nya.

anyway, here's a list of stuff i have to download soon... when there's enough space. >:'(

1. gakuen heaven - downloading
2. kimi ni todoke
3. junjou romantica season 3? 2?
4. skip beat

rec me? best genre combo would be shoujo-highschool-comedy-slapstick-romance haha meron pa ba? aside from: special a, toradora, kaichou wa maid-sama, bokura ga ita and lovely complex.... cos i've ardy watched them. hehe! i can root for shounen ai too! waahh rec me pleaaaase!!! cos i need to preoccupy myself (like i'm not already haha) until chuck season 4 breaks out in pirated dvds. >XD >XD >XD


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