killing me softly

will donate blood later!

hey i dreamt about jc and jen. in my dream, jc has already graduated and became a science teacher. i was chatting with him and jen got mad. argh nagselos daw. so they kinda left me. we were at sm megamall cinema section, about to donate books. ayon. i brought a lot of books with me and i have to register them one by one, book by book, including the ISBN's what the heeeell hassle. anyway, they have this automated book registering machine, and there i was... about to donate a pile of pocket books. >:O

wala lang. i dunno. significance please?

i'm back to xp pro sp2 bangketa version. i was finally able to install SQL Server 2005... thanks to the hotfix! but there's still a bug, i realized that if i installed it using a password protected administrator account, every time i log in the BSOD will appear and the PC will restart. anyhow, when it did and i was taken back to the login screen, i logged on to my sister's account (admin, no password) and got in. then i was able to use the software with ease and blah. so i kindof thought that if i disable the password, i'll be able to log in on my account without the friggin bitch screen of doom.

and it worked.
so. what was this problem all about? at first i was confident it was sortofa setup issue, after all the hotfix worked like magic. but still, you know, i got a BSOD on a password protected admin account. so what gives?

k.whatev! at least it doesn't reboot ad infinitum! and i can use XP!
fine.fine. gotta get ready to lose half a litter of blood!

yey! >XD LOL
why am i excited to donate blood.

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