it doesn't go away that easily

bittorent says my Skip Beat download has to wait 2 weeks++ to get finished. i said, as soon as it's done, i'll revert to win xp sp2 and try to get some hotfixes for my friggin SQL installation. para lang di masayang yung 68.5% progress ko. HAHAHA now, i'm hesitating on going back. i think, vista fucking starter will do FOR NOW cos i still have tons of programming software to install in the future and i don't want to meet thy BSOD every time i'm trying to be a good student. i dunno but i'm thinking it has something to do with my OS being non-legit hahaha

when i get my own laptop i want it to be XP. darn you microsoft for not realizing that vista is actually a DOWNGRADE of it. i dunno about 7 but the UI is too spiffy... i think it looks dumb. hehe anyway, i just need a windows something that doesn't eat too much RAM. -__-;

Rec me good anime's please. except bleach, naruto and one piece cos they always keep me hanging and they never get finished. and i hate waiting so, yon. >:)

i want another job. seriously. if i get a part time job outside which pays better i'll quit my school job. >:| i feel guilty that my friends who are more 'financially underprivileged' aren't given spots as student assistants, last time i checked it's a financial support program. honestly, i think they need it more. but. but. eeeehhh >:(


you're a sensitive topic. i can't believe i can't just talk about you without worrying how others would feel. as your best friend, i feel bad that i'm restraining myself like this. all because i never wanted anyone to get the wrong idea. our groups are getting smaller and one day we'll all be absorbed in a single circle. i can't afford to be an outcast just because of an unresolved past. nyek nyek nyeeeeekk.

oryt. time to do some homework... for my dad's class tomorrow. hahaha

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