Jotter Pad and Memo Block FINALLY BACK @ National Bookstore + NEW FIND! Moods Memo Cube Pad

besides overstocking on pens, i also hoard papers. i specially like blank pages! kaya naman, wagas ako tumingin tingin ng mga notebook, sketchpad, at kapapelan sa bookstore. bwahahaha >8) yesterday, i saw these FINALLY BACK at National Bookstore SM North EDSA.

Jotter Pad (A5 blank pages!!) @ P39.25
Memo Block (3x3) @ P15.50

i remember, these two Star Paper Corp. products went out for a long time. i knew the demand was HIGH (i just know. there're a million paper freaks out there like me) but the amount of time it was gone almost seemed like it was phased out! mejo na torn ako don seryoso cos they're the perfect gift suggestions for me cos hello, they're cheap and functional at the same time! tas when i went christmas shopping and checked at NBS, they're all gone. argh. @_@;

anyway, they're back! for good (or forever!!!), hopefully. hahaha come on, paper isn't cheap! this is a ridiculously good find for me. the paper is of perfect quality. it isn't like the regular bond paper type, it's thicker like pang sketchpad pero smooth. waaaaaahhh >8D

now, for another glorious find! >8D

Moods Memo Cube Pad (muticolored!! 4x4) @ P30.00

evidently a hit! when i saw it there were only a few blocks left kaya naman bumili agad ako. WAHEHEHE it's obviously cheap cos it's bigger than your regular memo pad, it's multicolored (crap. i gasped when i first saw them. exagge pero nakakaiyak sa tuwa >XD), and it's only 30 pesos. san ka naman nakakita ng ganon? waley! 

seeing papers like these, and walking through a wonderland of colored pens and markers makes me want to draw again. i haven't been drawing lately! 

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