Gakuen Heaven

Finished watching Gakuen Heaven! so far, it's the third shounen-ai anime i've watched (i ♥ yaoi btw. please deal with it). Sorry but i didn't like it that much! >XD i dunno, maybe because Kaichou wa Maid-Sama still lingers.. strongly. bwahaha ♥

anyway. i didn't feel the story. i didn't like the lead characters, they're both weaklings. and the pairings are so, ugh what is that, uke-uke?! argh.just.argh. >_<; they AAAAALLL seem so effeminate! even the supposed to be seme's of the pack look creepily uke-ish. i mean, glasses. cool. tech geek. of course. but aaaarrrgh, i dunno. i don't like it. haha

there was only ONE character in the entire series that passed as a seme, by my standards of course, and he isn't even romantically involved with the lead uke which is so fail. i would've enjoyed it if he took the lead. argh. given that his character won't change. hmmm

Tetsuya Niwa - Student council president hohoho

Next! Skip Beat! (downloading) >:) let's see...

so my favorite yaoi anime is still JUNJOU ROMANTICA! yey! unless you can rec me something better? no AU's, plain shounen-ai. i've no enough brain cells to yaoi-ize popular anime though srsly if they could only turn yaoi doujinshi's to anime that would be totally cool. >8D

PS: askdgabsjckhl i switched to sun and hid my wall. you therefore conclude i'm hiding a boyfriend somewhere. ~_~; deeeeeym roight. 

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