blue screen of life

fail-est day of my CS life. we were supposed to reformat all the PC's in the 4 computer labs we have here, that's around 160 units. naturally, we have to do some ghosting (i just learned about it, and it's one hell of a(n) pirate act >8D) to save time, resources, energy, money and everything else you're most likely to waste by reformatting one-by-one.. i.e. your entire life. haha

yesterday. sir long (by boss #2) left for his lunch break and i was left to ghost the remaining PC's. i'll cut it short na lang, thing is... i ghosted the wrong diskSSSS. so i pretty much reinstalled the same virus inflicted, totally useless, deep freeze lacking system on around 8 PCs. argh. i knew there was something wrong. and it took me 8 PC's to realize that. what a waste. of life. >:|

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