classified information

i got two screenshots to prove that you're paranoid and concerned at the same time. two screenshots and a comment to prove she's pissed. and one recent activity to prove that i'm involved. i even stressed all the date stamps to further my claim. there's an entire wall of hints at your disposal, and you're playing it just like how you did before.. or just like how you always do. how come you never change. i'm curious about how she feels, what you tell her, and what she tells the other girl.

go ahead and cross the line, i'll lower it so you won't trip. >:)
meanwhile. i'll continue playing dense, until you straighten it out. 

anyway. oryt, i have an entire discussion thread about this in my inbox... and my friend, whom i conveniently labeled as my opportunity-segregator, has advised me to quit, and look somewhere else. somewhere else, meaning you-know-who. of all people. argh. like i'm not looking at him enough? apparently what she thinks i don't see is that there's something more about him:

- coming to me every time i'm alone then leaving when someone else comes (duh?)
- making me jealous, right when he knows i have a crush on him. argh?
- doing all the approaching. it's 95% him, which could be roughly broken down to 30% work-related and 65% whatnots. i never go to him unless my work requires me to, which is the remaining 5%.
- texting a conv starter, which i successfully ignored by being asleep. i woke up regretful. for one: hindi sya palatext. he doesn't even know unli! T____T; argh
- and more.

of course, i know all about those! i'm on fantasy mode every time my crush is near, every little thing he does in real life has an exaggerated translation equivalent to something like 'he likes me back'... which could easily be an understatement if it were only real (keyword: if). 

i could only think it's his way of wanting to make sure if his knowledge about me is true. but i'm not one to give motives, let alone recognize one. i'm curious on the type of assurance he got with my reactions. LOL so i think this is going nowhere.

but it's something else... when somebody thinks there's something else. >:P

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