Presario C700 (C793TU) Downgrade

Because Vista sucks, and it took me 3 years to realize that, I've just rolled back to Windows XP Bangketa Version (LOL if you get what i mean).

So far, so good. EXCEPT FOR THE AUDIO. Apparently, my research has taken me into an understanding that HP does not support any audio drivers for XP (but they're out there from the manufacturer's site), and that HP has sold itself to Microsoft's lecherous Vista marketing strategy. ARGH. >:(

Now my best chance is to get all device specifications in the motherboard and search for drivers. argh. manually. argh. I was lucky enough to have the modem driver work, unless i won't be able to go online and search for solutions! >8D

Hm. limited stuff i can do for now. Heck i still have to buy that ultimate "non-expiring" antivirus from my favorite bangketa outlet. bwahahaha

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