5 minutes

1. walking to her with open arms
2. a year of longing etched in a half smile
3. her heart leapt as he inched closer
4. she ran to his embrace and cried
5. failing to contain her happiness
6. head buried in his chest, she drowned in his scent
7. nostalgia
8. he hugged her tighter
9. took her hand for a kiss
10. but she pulled away

the memory is too vivid. the emotion too strong. i have no idea why she pulled back. i'm sure she wanted that
kiss. he was about to give it to her. i don't understand.
why i'm holding back too much. >:\

if i must consult with sir Sigmund, i would've gotten an interpretation about my frustrations. and i must admit, i'm a slave for my dreams.

there's another one. i play as a mistress of this rich old dirty man who's you know, dirty. i stole something from him and hid it in my orange backpack. next thing i know, he's checking on em, so i put it in another bag. i put the unidentified stolen item on Chamel's backpack, and asked her to leave immediately. rich DOM noticed i was doing something fishy and walked to us. we panicked so we both ran away! haha


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