wishful thinking

it's me being grade conscious and succeeding. don't read if you hate people bragging about their grades. >:P
yesss. my lowest grade is 3.00, guess what? shempre mathlog! HAHAHA i knew i wouldn't nail that subject that easily, i find myself contradicting a lot of the lessons hahaha nevermind. at leaaaast, my general average is around 3.42something so i could probably apply for scholarship. yehey. i've got a 4.00!!! a 4.00 at plane trigonometry! 

boastfulness aside, i wasn't really expecting a low grade. i mean, how many years have i been taking college math? 1 and a half years already! math17 was algebra and trigonometry, and math36 was calculus... and i failed that back in uplb, so i took 36 for 2 semesters hahahaha so i've been pretty much drowning in derivatives and integrations that year. and also, i've been coding html/css since third year highschool... so yeah, i owe my webdev grade to that.

yesterday i told jec i'd be at school at 730am but i woke up 830 HAHAHA whatever happened to my phone? i remember putting the alarm last night. tsk. i was also expecting brian and umpe that morning but where are youuuu??? i wanna be classmates with you this term! :( k, just take CSC-11 and we'll see each other there. >:)

i also read my name on the list of partial scholars some registrar guy was holding awhile ago. that made my day. that really really made my day. plus, someone in the list only had 18 units and still got in. so i thought i could take 18 units naman pala eh! so much for aiming for 21! and soooo, i only confirmed 18 units this day. haha

i really wish i would get the scholarship discount. $$$$$$
it's something new that i'd finally get to see my name posted FOR SOMETHING GOOD.
back in uplb, my name is always ALWAYS on the list of people recommended for counseling because of failed subjects, and the list goes on til page 5 (font verdana, size 10) HAHAHA... time to turn the tables over. >:D

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