hmm. it pissed me off that we weren't able to watch a movie this afternoon because my freakin sister didn't read the tickets she has. it fuckin says there that it's only for SM Fairview cinemas. darn. it was too late when i inspected it, we're already at SM North Edsa. waste of time, waste of gas and waste of parking fee. i hated her for a while because of that. but she treated me wow steak and strawberry banana krusher so we're in good good terms now. hehehehe

we also weren't able to eat dinner with our cousins and titas because we went to church. my parents want to start the new year right by attending this 15-day prayer rally and it starts now so we're kinda dragged along. yes, dragged... because honestly i'd rather eat dinner with my cousins. >:( then again, i also want to pray. but prayer rallies like this go on for 3 straight hours so eventually it becomes dragging and insincere on my part. i feel bad as  a person. >:( 

i guess i'm on my best spiritual form during worship services. i could go on singing and clapping and swaying to the music every time the band is on. i admire people who play instruments and use it for the work of God. spirituality is now probably the number one thing that attracts me to guys. hahaha which is why deep in my heart, there is one person whom i truly adore, more than a crush, less than love... because he has all the qualities of my ideal man (and i believe i've mentioned him countless times in this blog already)...

well, physically he's tall, good-looking, and WEARS GLASSES. >8D
he draws. and reads. and has an above average IQ. 
and best of all, he's Christian. i mean, i could tell just by talking to him. 

i'm a sucker for people like him. but he doesn't know. yes, he doesn't know. 

new label: Crushes hahaha, in the future i want to read that category and just laugh at myself, at how cheesy and shallow i am when it comes to people that make me blush. >:P

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