hello 2010! >XD

just got back from a drinking/videoke session with the neighbors. IN FACT, it's the first time in the 10 years we stayed here, that i celebrated with people other than my family, and it's also the first time in 10 years that i held fireworks. ever since we transferred here, uhh 10 years ago, we never bought fireworks for new year. just food, yeah and the awesome view at our rooftop. the fireworks are definitely more awesome upclose. i was damn stupefied when they handed me lusis, like... "uhhm, which part do i light? and what happens when i do so? uhh, and what do you call this again? sorry."  

but right now, our new neighbor (uhm, like 1 year) is really a fun pack. they have loads of fireworks, and an an awesome videoke system loaded with recent songs. the coolness. hehehe

it also feels weird that my cellphone's display date now reads 1/1/10 (in binary that's 14, lol sorry can't help it). it feels like i reset my phone cos everytime i do, the date reverts to 1/1/00 (in binary, 12, sorry again) so yeah, pretty nostalgic. whatever haha.

december 31 was a busy busy day. our maid went on vacation so i'm left to tend to the entire house, i cooked and cleaned and blah blah blah, good thing dinner isn't a big hassle to me cos right before i could chop the garlic for the spaghetti sauce, our neighbor chimed in and delivered a plateful of spaghetti! yehey! saved! >XD hours later they bought us kare-kare naman! and earlier this morning, our other neighbor gave us lots of vegetables! a kilo of mustasa, a string of pechay, loads of talong... i almost thought mom asked them to go to the wet market for her. and mustasa thrills me cos whenever there's a pack of it, there always has to be burong mustasa. so i made one, and was delighted and at the same time anxious for 1 week to pass. it needs to ferment, yep. >8D i love to cook, but sometimes i'm too lazy. but weirdly this day, i was quiet enthusiastic with the household. oooooh, '10 vibes?

maybe the only thing that sucks is that my cellphone balance reads 0.46 so i couldn't send a single message to my beloved friends, then again, i thank facebook for being here. >:D

tomorrow HAS TO BE A GREAT DAY. my sister has free movie passes enough for the family so i'm really excited!

my wrist watch stopped working haha after 1 year and a lot of strap changes. i need a new one, and something's telling me that a BINARY WATCH would be the most awesome replacement for it, but it's too expensive. =___=;

anyway, it's 3am. must sleep now! goodnight and Happy New Year Guys! >XD

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