well, i think so.

the fight is never between the heart and the brain. it's just the brain all along. do you forget your wife when you get a heart transplant? no. then maybe love is just a state of mind. but above that, i'd like to think love is a state of our soul, not just our mind. i want to take it to a spiritual level but i can never tell. i mean, God loves us, and i'm not even sure if he has a tangible brain with hyperactive neurons racing past.  

hmm, i think it's more on the soul though. but whatever, me thinking about it only makes it harder for me to pick a candidate for *sigh* matrimony. LOL 

love is a beautiful thing to talk about... philosophically, not romantically. :P i've never talked about it this much. h
ahaha i'm not even half in love. wahahaha

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