haha malapit na mag feb! :D

what's with feb ba? aside from valentines? edi FAIR!!! i'll probably go fair-hopping next month. wla naman, diliman and lb fair lang nmn eh, yeah, and the compulsory school fair hahaha.

come on, we're selling tickets for a parokya ni edgar concert for 150! and up diliman is hosting a FREE concert on the same date featuring kamikazee, imago, blah blah blah blah (there's just a 80 pesos entrance fee but wth right?). tell me, WHO'S GOING TO FEU-FERN FAIR?

haha. feb is love! so i'll probably bombard this blog with entries about my college majorcrushes. i've had uhm, 5, i guess. hehehe and you know, if you could hack into this account you'd see draft entries about them. entries i'm too scared to publish because i never seem to finish an entry with a complete thought. and i usually feel embarrassed by sounding so cheesy. baka dagain tong blog na to.

today was good. i'm loving english3 so much because it's so fun! 4thglan still intimidates me but yeah, i'll work on that someday hahahaha. i'm going to pass my application for SA-ship tomorrow. i was kinda alarmed by the thought that i could be sent to work in the college library. under an extremely hostile librarian (no wonder no one goes there).  haha i don't even have a library card hahaha. 

// hey. i know, the smaller guy seems more impressive because he works and i have an impression that he has quite a big ego. and his smile reminds me of someone. yuck, 'smile' is such a cheesy word. wth. break na sila! HAHAHA epal stalker much?!?!?!

yes. sabi ko nga i have to finish a take home seatwork and a powerpoint presentation. :)

bye for now >:D

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