hi pen tool :)

hello pen tool by ~melodia04 on deviantART

bwahaha! jec taught me how to use the pen tool yeheeeey! salamat bro! :D
i'm a big failure when it comes to saving. apparently, the only money i have with me right now is my allowance for this week which is really small hahaha, just enough for the fare. i've been trying to save but it all goes to waste when i see a cool jacket or pass by DQ.

i wanted to go to LB for the fair but going there is gonna cost me a lot. so sorry, anne. i want to see you but yeah, i kinda want the cheaper way to do so. :\

i'm also reserving saturdays as rest days, basically to catch up on sleep HAHA i'm having withdrawal syndromes with the abrupt disappearance of siestas in my daily routine. i need to adjust. haha echos. 

today? i went out. again. i told myself i'll sleep the entire day but i can't resist going out with ate theresa, anyway i slept for 12 hours last night. nothing really, i just haven't been to the mall for a week so i guess i missed it. wahaha. terai followed us to megamall and treated us PIZZZZAAAA!!! yeheeeey! :D :D


ang sakit ng paa ko. T__T;

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