my shirt is ready! >XD

#1) like the pens? :P


// today was... okay lang! i spent to much on food, =___=; i shouldn't have brought money at megamall nakakapanghinayang! and here i was! trying to save for a cheap sony digicam!

guilty pleasure == blenz mochachillo. suuuuus, nagtaas na sila dati 160 ung regular (2nd biggest) ngayon 185 naaa!! it's their best frappe siguro and they're trying to make bawi to those people who spend the entire day and consume too much electricity charging their laptops and surfing all day (like me) haha. their whipped cream changed too, parang coconut based na ngayon. yummy parin naman pero mas gusto ko yung dati.

walang wala ang starbucks. tsk.

// on the way to mega, nakasabay ko si kuya onad sa bus! kuya onad is my brod from uplb who just passed the chem eng'g board exam. naks engineer! and i super missed our org handshake!!! it has been months eh, i thought i had forgotten it already hahaha.

// anyway, guess what! we're classmates at filitwo! wahahaha! i'll stop calling him majorcrush kasi hindi na sya major for me. hehehe nagfade na yata eh. crush na lang. haynako, we were almost groupmates! epal kasi labas ng labas hindi tuloy nasulat pangalan nya sa listahan. SANA SINULAT KO! pero i had to pretend i didn't know his name, kunyari kebs lang. WHATEVER hahaha

// why do i have a feeling i'll get lower grades this term? wag naman sana Lord. :(

// btw, i downloaded apache, mysql, and php but i freakin don't know how to install it or configure it. xampp is supposed to automatically configure it diba??? e malay ko ba ang weird naman nun. i think i have to look for other ways, like... may manual way baaaa? tell meeeee. >:\

// haha i made a new blog! i mean, walang entries, ni-register ko lang para akin na ung blog address (both on tumblr and blogspot): THE SERIAL DOODLER. parang mas gusto ko yan as an art blog though tamad ako eh, i upload na nga at deviantart, tapos cross-post pa dito tapos may tumblr pa? i just want to show my works to a larger audience and tumblr has the best platform for that. hehe

// my GEEK shirt is ready! wahahaha! excited na kooooo! XD

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