friends :)

come to think of it, it's unfair to call someone your best friend. the word best is in the superlative form, meaning everything else stands below it. can you actually scale your friends from good, better and best? i could understand close friends, but best?

to all my best friends -- peachy, mannie, karla and brian -- this is not meant to demean you, or to question our relationship. i mean, i haven't seen peachy and mannie for years, yet i still call them my best friends. i don't even know if i still know them as a person, cos i only knew them as my closest gradeschool friends, and we all know things change. maybe it has become a social convention, and i am only conforming to how it is being used. i even thought having a best friend is just all for formality's sake... cos nowadays, everybody comes in pairs. i won't even call someone a best friend even though we act like one, unless we both talk and agree to it. haha but even though i have silly doubts about the etymological sense of a best friend, at least i understand the essence of it. so yeah, i'll still continue to call you guys my best. >:D

you know honestly, i never had someone (a fixed someone) whom i can run to whenever i have something urgent to tell. what happens is i spill it to the nearest close friend. like, whoever is in the apartment. whoever is in the dorm. whoever i get to hang out with during breaks. whoever. just... whoever. and this is not something i regret. in fact, i see myself having a lot of close friends. see, i don't have to wait for someone just to spill something that i have been aching to release. i don't feel frustrated cos i know i always have a close friend at hand. and i trust them all. i'm an introvert for the most part, but i make quality friends.

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