// filitwo was freaking hilarious. during a seatwork, we were asked to do a map from commonwealth to FEU-fern, then a couple of graphs. the map that i checked was so funny, so he drew comm ave, sandigan, the overpass, the tricycle terminal blah blah. but the overpass was labeled FLYOVER instead WAHAHAHA laughtrip grabe.

and weeell, we were asked to draw mangoes and someone drew leaves instead! others did stars and rectangles. my crush did triangles. =___=; i dunno if they were trying to be funny but, yeah, they succeeded naman. hahahaha

// after class... mark, neil and i waited for the cell group meeting. i learned a lot nanaman! sir lloyd was there and he shared a lot of insightful remarks about faith, religion and our purpose. i was reminded that God also has his own set of expectations for each of us and this is something we should prioritize to meet above everything else, because only his judgment counts. i couldn't agree more when sir lloyd said that religion is just a trademark and what matters most is faith because everything else follows if you have a strong faith in God. it doesn't matter what religion, since it's only there for formality's sake.

// after the cell, mark, jay and neil accompanied me to the reg office to file my application for SA-ship. haha kumusta namang moral support yan! overwhelming! salamat guys. the cell helped me so much because sabi nga ni kuya erni, believe that you have already received what you prayed for. i was afraid of being assigned at the college library kasi masungit yung front person. in fact, nasungitan kami this morning when we requested for a laptop. the entire morning mejo badtrip ako sa kanya but right after the cell, i changed my perspective. sabi ko, Lord i have to be friends with her! and sooo, sa lib nga ako na-assign and i started working for her.

alam nyo bang mejo na-shock ako when i saw her smile at me when i greeted her? parang, whoa. she.just.smiled. i never saw her smile before. anyway. everything's cool na from there on. hahaha

and weell, mejo nilamon ako nung time card machine sa reg office. wth??? how do you use that? hahaha nakakahiya mukang tanga lang.

// whew. at dahil dyan. wala na kong free time. no more siesta for me. haha antok na nga ako e.

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