no, i won't buy you.

Happy Birthday Terai!

// i was a total bummer this day. i failed to go to the gym because i was too lazy and i haven't done anything productive, academically. well, i don't have a book.

// it's also my beloved sister's birthday! happy 21st! HAHA >:D sadly, she has work and she won't be back till around 11pm. which sucks even more cos her work totally robbed us of the privilege to celebrate it with the celebrant herself! grrr... i cooked pasta, and also experimented on yet another dip. i mixed knorr real seasoning, taco seasoning and all purpose cream. super yummy! HAHAHA i wish i bought tacos or nachos but all i have is a pack of salty Nova. pwede na rin. hehehe

// ok. i officially quit FFS (friends for sale @ facebook). in fact my last buy was my sister. thing is, it gets annoying when people constantly ask me to buy them and worse, save up for them. i'm not being selfish, i guess i'm just waaaay over the FFS fever and i don't wanna bother myself with it anymore. i've grown out of the silly little happy cactus fancy as well so i don't care what happens there. so yes, i'll probably spend all my money on gifts so i won't have any reason to buy anyone. it's gets tiring after awhile you know. right! i'll remove it from my notifications. LOL

// haha i've unearthed several old pictures of my sister and i from the bottom of the shelf and it was fun looking at them! wahahahaha :P lemme share some,


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